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    Welcome to OptionPundit community! For the past 12 years, this forum has been a preferred place for smart options traders worldwide to discuss great ideas to trade options effectively. On popular demand, the premier community is back after a gap of 3 years. Please register if you'd like to access exclusive content.


  1. Open Forum

    1. MarketBeats, Outlook and General ChitChat

      Use this forum to discuss market outlook, share observations, commentary, etc. None of the trade ideas shared here should be assumed as trading recommendations. 

    2. Options Made Easy

      Options are the preferred choice of smart investors and traders. Even legendary investors like Warren Buffett use options as a strategic tool to enhance their portfolio returns. Use this forum to discover power of options.

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    3. Charting and Technical Analysis

      Interested in candlesticks, classic chart patterns for price action, fibonacci or technical indicators e.g. MACD and stochastic? Use this forum to discuss ideas related to technical analysis of financial markets and instruments.

    4. Fundamental Analysis

      Heard earnings and revenues, want to understand how fundametals drives stock crazy? Or would like to discuss macro economic picture with fellow traders. Use this board to share fundmental analysis and seek inputs to your estimates.
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    5. Trader's Psychology

      Use this space to discuss anything and everything about trading psychology. Be it yours or market's? How about sharing some psychological indicators.
    6. Breaking News

      Saw it flying on the wall? or were you just briefed about something? Noticed something on CNN, reurters or MSN? Found something unusual? Use this space to share and dissect the news with fellow traders.
  2. Trading Condors as Business (TCB)

    1. Fundamental First

      What are the key ingredients for a successful Iron Condor? How does it really make money? Do you understand key concepts for setting-up yourself for success?

      Use this forum to discuss about the fundamentals of Iron Condors.

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    2. Adjustments, Position & Risk Management

      As a condor trader, your #1 job is, Risk Management. Talk about how did you manage risk when underlying moved against you. Did you find something interesting that enhances condor trade identification, position & risk management skills.

      Use this forum to share your ideas to manage your position and risk. Reach out to other members if you are looking for ideas to manage your trade.

    3. Condor Trade Ideas

      Use this forum to post your trade ideas with proper screenshots and detailed explanation. Reach out to other members should you need feedback on your trades.

    4. Posts or Ideas for New Topics

      Do you have posts on topics that are not covered above? Feel free to use this forum to create new topics for your posts.

      Got ideas for new topics? Use this forum to share your ideas about new topics and we'll look for building those topics at appropriate time.