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ProfitPath Intensive

The ProfitPath Intensive (PPI) forum is a private group. Access to the group is granted to those who have applied and attended PPI course. Currently PPI forum is available only to OptionPundit PPI graduates.


  1. (PPI) Ask Questions

    Use this forum to ask questions on options. Be it basics, strategies, greeks or anything. This is your space to clarify things. There are only 2 rules to follow: 1) Be Clear & Concise in your question and 2) Provide details and screenshots, if required.

  2. (PPI Grads) Freestyle Discussion Forum

    Just like Facebook where you simply post to initiate a conversation, use this forum as default when you don't know where to post or how to categories your post. You can also use this to post your trade results to inspire others.

  3. Foundation Strategies

    ProfitPath course introduced a FRAMEWORK of foundation strategies which can be used as building blocks to develop your own unique options strategies. In fact, a wide majority of options strategies can be traced to these. Use this forum to discuss foundation strategies to solidify your concepts.

  4. The Greeks

    During ProfitPath course, you learnt about The Greeks. Use this forum to discuss about various greeks, how you should use it and how it can affect your options positions.

  5. Winning Wealth Strategies

    ProfitPath course consists of multiple winning wealth strategies & systems such as 5D, PP33, SOMI and much more. Use this forum for discussion on these strategies, trade ideas and to share your trades.

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