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Open Forum

Trading is a business and in order to succeed in business, one needs to learn a craft and continuously sharpen it too. Join the conversation to discuss your perspective with fellow traders.


  1. Freestyle Discussion

    Just like Facebook where you simply post to initiate a conversation, use this forum as default when you don't know where to post or how to categories your post. You can also use this to post your trade results to inspire others.

  2. MarketBeats, Outlook and General ChitChat

    Use this forum to discuss market outlook, share observations, commentary, etc. None of the trade ideas shared here should be assumed as trading recommendations. 

  3. Options Made Easy

    Options are the preferred choice of smart investors and traders. Even legendary investors like Warren Buffett use options as a strategic tool to enhance their portfolio returns. Use this forum to discover power of options.

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  4. Charting and Technical Analysis

    Interested in candlesticks, classic chart patterns for price action, fibonacci or technical indicators e.g. MACD and stochastic? Use this forum to discuss ideas related to technical analysis of financial markets and instruments.

  5. Fundamental Analysis

    Heard earnings and revenues, want to understand how fundametals drives stock crazy? Or would like to discuss macro economic picture with fellow traders. Use this board to share fundmental analysis and seek inputs to your estimates.
  6. Trader's Psychology

    Use this space to discuss anything and everything about trading psychology. Be it yours or market's? How about sharing some psychological indicators.
  7. Breaking News

    Saw it flying on the wall? or were you just briefed about something? Noticed something on CNN, reurters or MSN? Found something unusual? Use this space to share and dissect the news with fellow traders.
  8. India - Futures & Options (F&O)

    Use this thread to discuss Futures & Options (F&O) listed on Indian stock exchanges e.g. NSE