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I'm Manoj Kumar

Hi there, Born-and-raised as a child with nothing more than passion, hope, and a dream, I never had money. And even after finding my first corporate job, I continued to trade time for money. Inflation continued to deplete my savings and I missed amazing opportunities financial markets offered as I didn’t know how to start investing safely.

Decades later, when I finally figured it all out, I created OptionPundit in 2006.

And for the last 15 years, OptionPundit system has been widely regarded as the proven formula for growing your money. We have trained thousands of investors and our blog articles have been published on Google Finance, Chicago Sun Time, Palm Beach Post, Reuters, etc.

My team and I are passionately committed to help you succeed as a richer, wiser, and happier investor so you could make this world a better place.

Let's do it together!

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