Profit from Market Meltdown

Incredible Opportunity is Around the Corner

Barely few months ago, CoVID-19 led to steepest stock market crashes in the history. VIX rallied +700% from low teens to 80s in just matters of weeks. Markets are now back to historical high but the Economy is NOT. Are you prepared to profit from the next market crash?

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Who is OptionPundit?

OptionPundit is a premier financial education company that aims to provide great option trading courses that are simple and accessible to anyone.

We believe that traditional schools have not equipped the masses with the proper financial literacy they need to get ahead in life and that is causing many to get stuck in the rat-race. However, quitting the race is also not easy! Even after learning required skills, strategies and system, it takes years of hard & smart work before one can finally quit the rat-race.

Hence, we are on a mission to help teach people from all walks of life, from amateur investors to experienced traders, the power of options and how it may give them the freedom they seek in life, so they can design their own wealth accumulation system unique to their personality and life style.


We help individuals bridge the personal finance literacy gap by educating them appropriate financial skills so they could better evaluate risks, rewards and create a safer, simpler and stable method of investing to enrich their lives.

OptionPundit OptionsEducation


Through our main portal OptionPundit, we have been writing educational articles since 2006. We have shared thousands of real of money trades ideas using multiple options strategies across almost every major asset class.

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We empower individual traders with safe, simple and stable income strategies through live events and workshops in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

OptionPundit Inner Circle

Inner Circle Mentorship

A 1 Year MBA like program, OP Inner Circle Mentorship is an opportunity to receive a personalized level of coaching for 12 months from qualified OptionPundit coaches. You will have access to attend OptionPundit live events, whenever you want, as often as you like, anywhere in the world - and of course, enjoy preferred seating.



Consistent. Proper Risk Management. Efficient Allocation of Capital.


Start Smart. Stay Smart

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Profit from the Panic

Proven Strategies for Massive Profits from Market Metdowns.

Bulls make money, Bears make money but the Pigs get slaughtered! Market panics drive craziness in prices and it offers ridiculous opportunities and panic occurs in both Bull and Bear markets. However, unlike Bull markets, Bear market requires different strategies. CoVID-19 crisis, is one of the biggest wealth building opportunity you might have seen since 2008. Are you ready?



Live Seminars and Workshops

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Discover Insiders Secrets of Trading Options Successfully

In this introductory 1 day seminar learn how options can strategically position your portfolio for better returns. Discover how versatility of options can help you to manage risk better, generate income and in fact allow you to speculate with much better risk to reward ratio when compared with traditional financial instruments. (Currently all seats are soldout)

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ProfitPath Intensive

The Blueprint to Making Money in Options Trading

Probably the most popular options training in Asia, the classroom training is divided into 6 comprehensive sessions (including Live Market Learning sessions) and is offered through our partners worldwide. Our next workshop is planned in Singapore on 12-13 Sep 2020. Click below to contact us for a seat.

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Trading Condors As Business

Advance Strategies to Building Successul Options Trading Business

Our one of the most sought after training that has been termed as one of the best condor training around. The program covers 5 diferent types of condors which can be used depending upon varying trading capital. Next workshop is planned on 17-18 Oct 2020. Click below to contact us for a seat.



Reserve. Buy. Download.

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Why Should You Learn To Trade Options

Why Should You Learn To Trade Options Even if you are not a trader or investor

DON'T trade STOCK OPTIONS without reading THIS BOOK FIRST.

The truth about Options Trading is that 90% of Options traders lose money. Many spend thousands of dollars in seminars and trainings, lose hard earned capital without ever figuring out if they should be trading options at all?

This easy-to-understand e-book, without typical financial mumbo-jumbo, teaches you in less than 30mins the real reasons why you should trade options.


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Get behind-the-scenes strategies and insights for successful options trading.

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