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How Lui Made Over +US$1 million in Profits

Lui CS, a million+ profit trader who found his consistency only after education at OptionPundit, shares with us his strategy to generate US$5k per week and what are his favorite underlying and methods

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How Judy made +US100k in profits...

Judy shared with us her journey from an options newbie to generating US $100k in profits after learning options trading from Manoj

How Tony finally gets consistent & predictable returns in his options trading...

Amazed by the values offered in the introductory session, Tony decided to pursue options training. Since then, his trading has evolved and he now uses strategies which suits his style achieving more consistency and better predictability in his trades.

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"+US80,000 in profit over 6 months!"

Based in Singapore and and IT professional, John was looking to create a sustainable way of generating income from markets while he is still working, but he wasn't finding much success in trading, until he met OptionPundit in in Oct 2019. 

How SK made +US150,000 in profits after joining OP Programs

Starting from value investing, SK discovered options trading was introduced by his friend to OptionPundit. He is also OP Inner circle group members and since joining OPIC, he has generated US$150,000 in profits.

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Joe Aung, Singapore

Siah Siew Wan, Malaysia

Sky Goh, Singapore

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