Main Street's Option Market Wizards: John Chong

Almost every trader knows about Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman, or other billionaires Wall Street stock wizards.

But what about the real traders from Main Street?

Are there any success stories worth emulating?

Find out more as I answer this question by conversing with top real traders that I had the good fortune of either mentoring or working with.

This special series is called "Options Market Wizards" where I will introduce you to some good traders who started with little or no background and how they are, slowly, step-by-step, making their way by learning to trade financial markets in a disciplined way.

Hopefully, you can relate to their stores, find something that works for you, or maybe it will serve as a starting point for your powerful journey.  

This episode is very special, John who traded exclusively limited risk/limited profit strategies share with us how he tripled his portfolio. How he went through the roller coaster of profit & losses, how he managed it and how he finally hit the US$ 100k profit market. 

John who is from Singapore attended OptionPundit's training during 2019 just to accompany his daughter initially. During the training, he was blown away by the power of Options and has started trading since then. 

In this episode, John shared some of the powerful lessons that he learnt while trading the market.

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Happy Trading,

Manoj Kumar

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