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Meet Karthik - OptionPundit's Newest Rising Star!

options education rising stars Jul 29, 2021

Meet Karthik - Our Newest Rising Star.

Karthik is based in Bangalore India, an engineer by profession.

Since young, Karthik has always been intrigued with millionaires and billionaires. He knew that the majority of them made their fortunes in the stock market. 

Naturally, Karthik follows along. However, every time he invests in the stock market, he will lose money. That's when he realized he needs to find a good mentor who has been there and done there to teach and guide him on this journey.

Karthik chanced upon and decided to pursue his education on Options trading with OptionPundit. After attending the Options Success Formula (OSF) program, Karthik managed to generate 20 - 30% ROI within the first 3 months!

In this series, Karthik shares his thoughts and experience about Options trading. Why he decided to go ahead with learning options despite options having the reputation of being a risky instrument. How you can complement options together with your long-term stock portfolio.

This special series is called the "Rising Star". OptionPundit's Rising Star is someone who had made US$2,000+ or more real money profits since they started an options education program with OptionPundit. This is a great & inspirational milestone that is often looked upon by new traders to break even on their education tuition fee. 

I hope you enjoyed this, and it inspired you to start taking action.

Use the comment section below to share key points you picked up, or questions you have, or to share thoughts on how we can make it better for future episodes.

Happy Trading,

Manoj Kumar


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