Meet Siew Wan - OptionPundit's Newest Rising Star!

Meet Siew Wan - Our Newest Rising Star.

Siew Wan, a freelance graphic designer based in Selangor Malaysia. She lost her full-time job during the pandemic and she needed a second source of income which drive her to start her options trading journey.

In late 2020, after attending the Options Success Formula (OSF) program with OptionPundit, Siew Wan managed to generate 24% in 4 months’ time, and she got back 4x of the tuition fees amount.

In this series, Siew Wan shares about the strategy that she uses to generate her profit and her biggest mistake in options trading thus far. 

This special series is called the "Rising Star". OptionPundit's Rising Star is someone who had made US$2,000+ or more real money profits since they started an options education program with OptionPundit. This is a great & inspirational milestone that is often looked upon by new traders to breakeven on their education tuition fee. 

I hope you enjoyed this, and it inspired you to start taking action.

Use the comment section below to share key points you picked up, or questions you have, or to share thoughts on how we can make it better for future episodes.

Happy Trading,

Manoj Kumar

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