Meet Sky - OptionPundit's Newest Rising Star!

rising stars Jan 10, 2021

Meet Sky - Our Newest Rising Star.

Sky is from Singapore and has been investing for more than 5 years prior to coming in contact with OptionPundit. Sky primarily focused on stocks. After initial unsuccessful attempts with options almost a decade ago, he restarted trading options actively just a few years ago.

In 2020, after attending the Options Success Formula (OSF) program at OptionPundit, Sky managed to generate over US$20,000 profit on his portfolio!

Watch the video to see why Sky decided to embark on a journey to learn more about short-term options trading and how he navigates through the volatile market in 2020.

In this series, Sky also shares the benefits of options and how it helped him turn his negative 50% portfolio into 6-figure profits in 2020.

This special series is called the "Rising Star". OptionPundit's Rising Star is someone who had made US$2,000+ or more real money profits since they started an options education program with OptionPundit. This is a great & inspirational milestone that is often looked upon by new traders to breakeven on their education tuition fee. 

I hope you enjoyed this and it inspired you to start taking action.

Use the comment section below to share key points you picked-up, or questions you have or to share thoughts on how we can make it better for future episodes.

Happy Trading,

Manoj Kumar


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