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Meet Yao Wen - OptionPundit's Newest Market Wizard!

market wizards options education options trading Dec 31, 2022

It is always very pleasing to see real traders who climbed their way from inconsistency to consistency, from not so successful to trading options successfully or beating the odds to make it. Yao Wen is one of those OptionPundit students who are passionate and are committed to their success and it's been an absolute joy to have Yao Wen as a mentee.

Yao Wen actually began his journey with OptionPundit in 2017/18 and has trained himself through multiple trainings such Options Success Formula (Previously known as PPI), Trading Iron Condors as Business. He joined OP Inner Circle in May 2022 and since then till December 2022, his profits are above US$100,000+.

Not only that Yao Wen is passionate about trading and investing, but he has also been sponsoring 5 kids' education through world vision. In our coaching programs, I encourage our traders to add social goal to their profitability goal and that once they make US$50,000 pure profits in their first year, that they sponsor a kids' education (I do it via World Vision).

You see, almost every investor knows about Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman, or other billionaires Wall Street stock wizards. But what about the real traders from Main Street? Are there any success stories worth emulating? That's what I am trying to share via these special episodes.

This special series is called "Option Market Wizards" where I will introduce you to some good traders who started with little or no background and how they are, slowly, step-by-step, making their way by learning to trade financial markets in a disciplined way. Find out more as I ask many questions to these top real traders that I had the good fortune of either mentoring or working with.

Hopefully, you can relate to their stores, find something that works for you, or maybe it will serve as a starting point for your powerful journey.

Watch this video to learn his journey and how he made it. Should you have questions, please feel free to ask those below and I will be happy to invite Yao Wen to answer those. You can also watch other Options Market Wizards Interviews here.

Wishing you all the best.

Happy trading,

Manoj Kumar

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