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Part 5 - Anna and the Options Enigma: Grand Entry into the Traders' Guild

anna and the options enigma case study discover options options trading options trading for beginners Sep 08, 2023
Anna and Sarah discussing options, surrounded by charts and contracts

Anna's Grand Entry into the Traders' Guild

The morning sun cast a golden glow on the majestic doors of the Traders' Guild. Anna, with her invitation in hand, took a deep breath and stepped into a world she had only dreamt of. The hall was alive with activity, traders passionately discussing strategies, charts depicting the dance of stocks, and the rhythmic hum of deals being sealed.

As Anna wandered, absorbing the energy of the hall, a particular conversation caught her ear. A woman, engrossed in a chart, seemed to be in a dilemma.

(If you missed reading other part of the story prior to this section, here is the PlotPart-1Part-2Part-3, Part-4)


Sarah's Dilemma: The Play's Prologue

Amidst the hustle and bustle, Anna's gaze settled on Sarah, a woman engrossed in a playbill titled "ABC Company." The intensity of her focus suggested a deep contemplation.

Anna approached the woman, introducing herself. "I'm Anna," she said, extending her hand. The woman looked up, her eyes reflecting a mix of determination and caution. "Sarah," she replied.

Anna, ever the curious soul, approached, "That playbill seems to have captured your attention?"

Sarah looked up, her face a canvas of hope and hesitation, "Indeed. I've been watching ABC Company's performances. Their current ticket price is $50. I've heard whispers of a groundbreaking act and want to buy 100 seats so I can sell for higher prices later, but the cost of a front-row seat is daunting."

Anna, with a twinkle in her eye, asked, "Have you ever heard of the magic of call option?"


Step 1: The Playbill - Choosing the Right Option

Anna began, "In the world of theater, call options are akin to a special playbill. Instead of committing to a ticket outright, you're buying a promise—a chance to claim a seat later at a predetermined price."

Sarah, her interest piqued, chose a call option with a strike price of $50, giving her the right but not the obligation to buy the ticket at $50 within the next three months.


Step 2: The Reservation - Paying the Premium

Anna delved deeper, "This unique playbill comes at a price. It's akin to placing a deposit on a reservation. You pay a premium, a small fee, to hold that right." 

Sarah, intrigued, asked, "How much is this premium?"

Anna replied, "For the call option with a strike price of $50, set to expire in three months, the premium is just $1 per seat."

Sarah quickly did the math. "So, for 100 seats, I'd pay only $100 as my premium to reserve this potential financial bonanza?"

Anna nodded. "Exactly. It's a fraction of what you'd pay if you were buying all the tickets outright."  

Anna added with emphasis, "Consider this: direct 100 tickets to the front row, given the current buzz, would set you back $5000. But with this magical playbill, you're securing 100 potential seat, the same vantage point, for a mere $100."


Step 3: The Performance - Market Movement

As days turned into weeks, the ABC Company's performance became the talk of the town. Critics raved, audiences cheered, and the ticket prices, in response, began their upward climb.

At the height of its popularity, the ticket price touched an astounding $70.

Anna, pointing at the ticket price chart, remarked, "See, this is the beauty of options. Your belief in the ABC's potential is paying off."


Step 4: The Climax - Exercising the Option

Anna, unable to contain her excitement, exclaimed, "This is the moment, Sarah! With the ticket now at $70, you can exercise your right and buy it at your reserved price of $50. It's akin to having a golden ticket in a sold-out show."

Sarah's eyes widened. "So, I get to benefit $20 per seat?"

Anna confirmed, "Absolutely. That's a $20 profit per seat, minus the $1 premium you paid."


Step 5: The Curtain Call - Calculating Profits

Sarah's strategic move had borne fruit. She had effectively profited $20 per ticket, translating to a staggering $2,000 for her 100 tickets.

Anna, always keen to teach, pointed out, "If you had plunged in and bought the ticket at its initial price of $50, your profits would be $20 per ticket or 40%. But by using call options, from an investment of just $1, you've reaped a profit of $19. That's a 1900% return!"

Sarah quickly calculated her gains. "That's a $1900 profit on my initial $100 investment. It's incredible!"


Step 6: The Review - But What if

Anna then posed a thought, "But what if the play had been a dud and tickets plummeted to $30?"

She continued with a reassuring tone, "By buying the ticket at $50, you'd be at a loss of $20 per ticket. But with options, your maximum loss is confined to the reservation fee of $1."

Sarah exclaimed with a gleam in her eyes, "That's incredible! I could do this all day and every day!"

Anna leaned in, her voice deepening with gravity. "But remember, Sarah, every performance has its pitfalls. The theater of trading is filled with enchanting tales, luring traders with promises of grandeur. Many have been captivated by their allure, only to find themselves lost in the final act."

Sarah's brow furrowed in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Anna elucidated, "Options can offer spectacular returns, but they can also expire without value if the ticket price doesn't reach the strike price by the curtain call. That's the captivating tale – the promise of unmatched rewards can sometimes overshadow the lurking uncertainties."


Reflections by the Fireside: Lessons and Legends

As evening descended, Anna and Sarah found a quiet corner by a grand fireplace in the Guild's lounge, surrounded by opulent décor and the soft hum of conversations. Over glasses of vintage wine, they reflected on their journey.

Sarah, with newfound wisdom, remarked, "Call options are truly the theater's hidden magic. They offer a chance at the best seats without the hefty price tag."

Anna, sipping her wine, agreed, "Indeed. But like any play, one must understand the script, anticipate the twists, and sometimes, seek guidance from seasoned directors."

Sarah, leaning in with a conspiratorial whisper, said, "Speaking of directors, have you met Master Elias? Word is he's a virtuoso in leveraging options for grand returns."

Anna, her curiosity piqued, smiled. The theater of investment, it seemed, had many more acts to unveil, each promising strategies, rewards, and the thrill of mastery. She can't wait to explore the next turn of this incredible journey.

Strategies can make or break a trader's journey. As Anna delved into the grand showdown, what were your key takeaways? Share your strategic insights and let's discuss the best moves!

Join us in the next article as Anna seeks out Master Elias, hoping to delve deeper into the strategic world of options trading. She's set to uncover the key benefits of this dance and realize the importance of learning from a seasoned Master in the grand ballroom of finance.

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