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Why you should not trade zero days to expiration options?

live options education options expiration Jul 25, 2021
Which options expiration should you choose

Do you know, most newbie options traders love trading zero days to expiration or as known as 0 DTE options. One can't blame them, the rewards possibility is so great!! But then so are the dangers..

This week, I'm going to share with you, why trading 0 days to expiration options might not be that great fact, if you missed attending live training, here is full, raw recording for your viewing..

In this video, I cover the following:

  • What is the days-to-expiration (DTE) in the options world
  • Why trading 0 DTE options is popular among options traders
  • Risk rewards assessment for 0 DTE options 
  • Comparison between multiple expirations
  • Which expiration to choose for your advantage and much more

Enjoy :)

Use the comment section below to share key points you picked up, or questions you have, or to share thoughts on how we can make it better for future episodes.

Happy Trading,

Manoj Kumar

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