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Marvelous Monday - TSLA & ARKK

What a week! We have incredible market movement during last week!

SPX crashed from an all-time high of $3914 to about $3723. A movement of almost 200 points! Around Friday, SPX moved from around $3730 to $3840! 

We can see similar movement on NDX as well. There is a Head & Shoulder forming on NDX for those who know about technical analysis. 

Even though NDX rallied on Friday, I will still pay close attention to the price level of around $12,800.

1 company that has...

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Marvelous Monday

Wow, what a marvelous Monday!

Dow Industrial rallied almost 2%, S&P500 rallied almost 2.5% and Nasdaq was up 3%!  This rally came on the heels of a turbulent week when Nasdaq, tech stocks and growth stocks were on  a downward trend.

So Friday hugely down when S&P dropped almost 50points in the last minutes of closing and Monday was hugely up when S&P rallied almost 2.5% in day!!!

What do you make out of it?

There were essentially two camps. 

One camp is that of...

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