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This is What's Stopping You from Making Money

Why do most traders lose money, even though they have time tested trading system with proven strategies?

A lot of this has to do with how they manage their emotions once they are in a trade. Let's dive deeper to understand what goes on in a trader's mind.

The majority of us have spent a great amount of time searching for the holy grail in trading.

We are attracted by the amazing news in media that so and so has just made a big fortune from the stock markets. We are amazed by their trading...

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Trading?


So, You want to be a trader or investor.

During the last 20+years, since I first enter into the world of financial markets, I have seen historic bull markets, many painful crashes, and the rise and fall of many industry titans. It’s nothing short of a Hollywood movie full of dramatic emotions, financial gains & pains.

There is a saying that 90% of the retail trader and investors tends to lose money.

Why is it so? And what is that 10%, who makes money, do differently? I...

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