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How Will The 2020 US Presidential Election Affect Stock Markets?

Is there an investing strategy that one can use to profit from 2020 US Presidential Election?

2020 US Presidential Election

Historically, S&P 500 volatility has typically been higher in election years than in non-election years, as markets frequently reprice the probability of the future administration’s policies.

Since 1932, an incumbent US president has never failed to win re-election unless a recession has occurred during their time in office.

If you examine the return of the S&P 500 Index for each of the 23 election years since 1928, you'll see that in only four of them was it negative.

However, this year may not be as straight forward as the data may suggest.

4 Year Presidential Cycle

The most profitable year of a presidential cycle is the third, followed in order by the fourth, second, and first.

Based on widely published research, the 3rd year of presidential cycle has proven to be one of the best years to invest.

In fact, a research published by Marshall...

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