Is Financial Market in a bubble now?

During the last several weeks, many of you reached out to me asking following questions:

  • Is the market in a bubble?
  • It is all time high and experts keep saying that market is about to crash but it keeps going up. What's you view?
  • Are there some simple ways I can decide to stop out without complicating things?

How to Manage Exits in a Simple Way

So, to answer these questions, I decided organize a small interactive session via Facebook LIVE. I answered above questions and also added a few examples an case studies so you can apply the learnings in real world.

Watch this FB Live (recorded now) video to learn what simple indicators you can follow to manage your exits. 

How to Trade Corporate Earning announcement

Additionally, you will also learn a simple trading strategy to benefit from corporate earning announcement.

So, go ahead, if you missed joining live, or if you are either not following me on Facebook or not using Facebook.

In this recorded FB live session, I shared how to navigate and reposition trades for the month of May and went through some case studies.


08:56 - How do we know if it's a bubble?

10:07 - SPX Moving Average

23:42 - TSLA outlook after earnings

36:30 - How to trade PYPL

40:13 - Different earnings announcement phases

42.26 - Case studies

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Leave a comment below should you have any questions or if you have any requests of topics for future videos. I might consider it =)

Happy Trading 

Manoj Kumar

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