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Is Financial Market in a bubble now?

During the last several weeks, many of you reached out to me asking following questions:

  • Is the market in a bubble?
  • It is all time high and experts keep saying that market is about to crash but it keeps going up. What's you view?
  • Are there some simple ways I can decide to stop out without complicating things?

How to Manage Exits in a Simple Way

So, to answer these questions, I decided organize a small interactive session via Facebook LIVE. I answered above questions and also added a...

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The stock market is in a 'fully-fledged epic bubble' – Warns Jeremey Grantham

It's a full fledged epic bubble, writes one of my favorite investors Jeremy Grantham of GMO.

“The long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a fully-fledged epic bubble. Featuring extreme overvaluation, explosive price increases, frenzied issuance, and hysterically speculative investor behavior, I believe this event will be recorded as one of the great bubbles of financial history, right along with the South Sea bubble, 1929, and 2000.” 

He further...

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