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Meet Siew Wan - OptionPundit's Newest Rising Star! options education rising stars

Meet Siew Wan - Our Newest Rising Star.

Siew Wan, a freelance graphic designer based in Selangor...

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Is Financial Market in a bubble now? options education options trading stock market bubble

During the last several weeks, many of you reached out to me asking following questions:

  • Is the...
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Main Street's Option Market Wizards: Tony market wizards options education options trading

Almost every trader knows about Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman, or...

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The Power of Option Gamma gamma traders insights

Here is an application of Gamma in play with regards to "throwaway trade".

Just observe how...

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Marvelous Monday - TSLA & ARKK arkk marvelous monday traders' insight tsla

What a week! We have incredible market movement during last week!

SPX crashed from an all-time...

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Marvelous Monday marvelous monday traders' insight

Wow, what a marvelous Monday!

Dow Industrial rallied almost 2%, S&P500 rallied almost 2.5%...

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Meet Cecilia - OptionPundit's Newest Rising Star! rising stars

Meet Cecilia - Our Newest Rising Star.

Cecilia is a mother of 2 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,...

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The Butterfly Effect financial education millionaire mentee options education

How you get better at options trading or for that matter any new specialized skill  largely...

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Meet Sky - OptionPundit's Newest Rising Star! rising stars

Meet Sky - Our Newest Rising Star.

Sky is from Singapore and has been investing for more than 5...

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The stock market is in a 'fully-fledged epic bubble' – Warns Jeremey Grantham jeremy grantham stock market bubble

It's a full fledged epic bubble, writes one of my favorite investors Jeremy Grantham of GMO....

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