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Is SE stock ready to rally? Here is how to profit in a smart way

The SE (Sea Limited) stock has fallen from a high of $372 to $222 at the last close. That's a big 40% crash. Yes, the company did experience an spectacular move during post covid-19 market rally, but the recent crash is more in line with the overall growth stocks taking a hit. Stock dropped to $200+/- before rallying 10% during the recent weeks.

Did it find a support? Is there any bullish opportunity?

According to Yahoo Finance:

Sea Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the...

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What is an Iron Condor options trading strategy?

Iron condor options trading strategy is used by almost every professional options trader. It is a great strategy if you don't want to forecast where markets are heading.

It is a market-neutral options trading strategy. But it can be overwhelming...

Find out more as I explained this strategy in the session answering common questions such as:

  • What is an Iron condor options trading strategy?
  • How to build it.
    • I show an example using the ThinkofSwim trading platform from TD Ameritrade?
  • When...
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What is a covered call strategy? Key Concepts and Examples

The covered call strategy is one of the most popular options trading strategies that involves selling call options against stock that you already own thus enhancing investment returns on a stock holding.

Covered Call Explained

Let's dive deeper to understand all about it.

Imagine, over the years, you have been building your stock portfolio, investing through monthly company stock purchase plans only to realize that its performance is not in line with overall market. Or have you...

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